Aus einer Hand...
Aus einer Hand...
Montage und Schulung, Wartung und Reparatur, SP-Plus Anbindung und Cartesy ASA Schnittstellen.
Montage und Schulung, Wartung und Reparatur, SP-Plus Anbindung und Cartesy ASA Schnittstellen.

Our Services

With us you get a wide range of services!

We take care of the assembly of your brake tester, the repair and maintenance, as well as the equipment with the latest, innovative testing technology.

Our team is available for you as a professional contact for individual concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assembly and setup

All from a single source. From the professional assembly as well as the instruction.

Our engineers are highly qualified to expertly install your brake tester to manufacturer’s specifications, calibrate it and give you an instruction.
Our business philosophy is based on punctuality, a friendly behavior and reliability.

Repair and overhaul

We ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Our experienced service technicians repair your brake tester to keep your downtimes to the minimum. In case we carry the most important spare parts or have others in stock.

SP-Plus connection

Your Partner for the most updated innovative automotive testing technology.

With the NPC we create a network between your brake tester, your SP-Adapter and your SP-Plus-system by using the ASA-Livestream interface. Therefore you need only one simple step to bring together all necessary test data in your SP-Plus system.

We install your ASA-LiveStudio App in connection with the NPC and so enable a visualization on a tablet or smartphone (Android), the storage and printing of the brake data.

Upgrading of our Cartesy-ASA-Livestream interface

Your exclusive Partner for the Cartesy-ASA-Livestream-Interface

To maintain their skills on the highest level our employees regularly attend on training courses at Cartesy for the professional upgrade of the ASA-Livestream interface of your brake tester.
Our service technicians commands on high quality special tools and the latest software to upgrade your brake tester on accordance with the latest guidelines.

Professionally we upgrade the Cartesy ASA-Livestream interface, set it in relation to the routine testing and calibration as well as repair it as required.

We are operating across Germany.

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