Mass­ge­nau­er Service
Mass­ge­nau­er Service
Stück­prü­fung nach neu­er Richt­li­nie 2011
Kali­brie­rung nach DAkkS
Stück­prü­fung nach neu­er Richt­li­nie 2011
Kali­brie­rung nach DAkkS Wartungen

Rou­ti­ne test­ing, cali­bra­ti­on and maintenance 

We focus on your inspec­tion date!

As a long-term part­ner of various OEM manu­fac­tu­r­ers and a ser­vice pro­vi­der of the ESZ we take over the rou­ti­ne test­ing in accordance with the Ger­man Direc­ti­ve 2011 as well as the DAkkS com­pli­ant cali­bra­ti­on accor­ding to ISO 17025 for your bra­ke tes­ter from various manufacturer.
With the most modern cali­bra­ti­on tools we are able to gua­ran­tee high avai­la­bi­li­ty and best quality.
We will inform you in due time about upco­ming inspec­tions to arran­ge a sui­ta­ble appointment.
With plea­su­re we will pro­vi­de you with indi­vi­du­al offers and a main­ten­an­ce con­tracts for you company.

We make every effort to make sure you obser­ve the rou­ti­ne-test­ing- and cali­bra­ti­on-inter­vals as well as the main­ten­an­ce intervals.

We are ope­ra­ting across Germany!

We are curr­ent­ly ope­ra­ting across Germany!

Rou­ti­ne test­ing in accordance with the Ger­man Direc­ti­ve 2011

Your bra­ke tes­ter is important to us!

Our ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans have the neces­sa­ry manu­fac­tu­rer trai­nings for the qua­li­fied per­for­mance of a rou­ti­ne test­ing. In addi­ti­on, inter­nal trai­ning cour­ses take place regu­lar­ly to ensu­re you have a com­pe­tent tech­ni­ci­an on site.

Small repairs can be done imme­dia­te­ly after the review. The­r­e­for our tech­ni­ci­ans have the most com­mon spa­re parts in the vehic­le stock.
Fur­ther we have a lar­ge spa­re part warehouse stock as well as we can obtain more spa­re parts from a repu­ta­ble provider.

Bra­ke tes­ter, which are used at the gene­ral inspec­tion, need to be che­cked every two years.
We’d like to remind you for the next inspec­tion date so you can ensu­re, the usa­ge of your bra­ke tes­ter com­pli­es with the law.

DAkkS-com­pli­ant calibration

Safe return!

Accor­ding to the latest laws the mea­su­re­ments have so be retur­ned; it means all mea­su­re­ments must be tra­ced back to the pri­ma­ry stan­dards. All our test equip­ment is cali­bra­ted by an accre­di­ted business.
We coope­ra­te with accre­di­ted test labo­ra­to­ry, which are spe­cia­li­zed on bra­ke testers.

Our tech­ni­ci­ans prepa­re indi­vi­du­al cali­bra­ti­on cer­ti­fi­ca­tes with the com­ple­te balan­ce of uncer­tain­ty of measurement.
To recei­ve the con­fir­ma­ti­on of a cali­bra­ti­on you get a QR-Code of the respec­ti­ve test­ing laboratory.


Stan­ding still is not an option!

We will glad­ly arran­ge con­stant main­ten­an­ces with you.

The smooth pro­ce­du­re at your busi­ness has been given top priority!
An unex­pec­ted Machi­ne fail­ure can cau­se hea­vy finan­cial los­ses; as a pre­ven­ti­on we com­mend to con­stant maintenance.

Plea­se feel free to cont­act us!