Massgenauer Service
Massgenauer Service
Stückprüfung nach neuer Richtlinie 2011
Kalibrierung nach DAkkS
Stückprüfung nach neuer Richtlinie 2011
Kalibrierung nach DAkkS Wartungen

Routine testing, calibration and maintenance

We focus on your inspection date!

As a long-term partner of various OEM manufacturers and a service provider of the ESZ we take over the routine testing in accordance with the German Directive 2011 as well as the DAkkS compliant calibration according to ISO 17025 for your brake tester from various manufacturer.
With the most modern calibration tools we are able to guarantee high availability and best quality.
We will inform you in due time about upcoming inspections to arrange a suitable appointment.
With pleasure we will provide you with individual offers and a maintenance contracts for you company.

We make every effort to make sure you observe the routine-testing- and calibration-intervals as well as the maintenance intervals.

We are operating across Germany!

We are currently operating across Germany!

Routine testing in accordance with the German Directive 2011

Your brake tester is important to us!

Our service technicians have the necessary manufacturer trainings for the qualified performance of a routine testing. In addition, internal training courses take place regularly to ensure you have a competent technician on site.

Small repairs can be done immediately after the review. Therefor our technicians have the most common spare parts in the vehicle stock.
Further we have a large spare part warehouse stock as well as we can obtain more spare parts from a reputable provider.

Brake tester, which are used at the general inspection, need to be checked every two years.
We’d like to remind you for the next inspection date so you can ensure, the usage of your brake tester complies with the law.

DAkkS-compliant calibration

Safe return!

According to the latest laws the measurements have so be returned; it means all measurements must be traced back to the primary standards. All our test equipment is calibrated by an accredited business.
We cooperate with accredited test laboratory, which are specialized on brake testers.

Our technicians prepare individual calibration certificates with the complete balance of uncertainty of measurement.
To receive the confirmation of a calibration you get a QR-Code of the respective testing laboratory.


Standing still is not an option!

We will gladly arrange constant maintenances with you.

The smooth procedure at your business has been given top priority!
An unexpected Machine failure can cause heavy financial losses; as a prevention we commend to constant maintenance.

Please feel free to contact us!

BD 4332, Beissbarth Bremsenprüfstand, PKW Bremsenprüfstand
PKW Bremsenprüfstand BD 4332 für kurze Zeit zum Sonderpreis - 7499,00 € zzgl. MwSt. & Versand