NPC-2014 NG – ANW Connect Box

Article number:1994228NP

With the NPC-2014-NG of Cartesy you can easily connect your brake tester, the SP-Adapter and the SP-Plus software in a stable WiFi network.

> With the NPC-2014-NG you can easily and quick connect your brake tester, the SP-Adapter and the SP-Plus software in a stable WiFi network!

> Brake values and reference pressure are processed and evaluated simultaneously, live inside the SP-Plus. A manuall collection of data can be obmitted.

> You  neither need an export funktion of the brake tester software nor an import function for the SP-Plus!

> No intervention into your network configuration!

> The NPC-2014-NG is fully supported by the TAK and SP-Plus.

> All asanetwork-capable devices (such as exhaust emission testers, headlight testers, etc.) can also be integrated into your network via the NPC.

> There are no further license costs, because the device is neither manufacturer nor personal!

> Full version of the ASA-Networkmanager (netman)
> ETHERNET-Cable (1m)
> Power adapter 5V/DC 2A
> USB-Stick with configuration software and operating constructions

Requirements for the installation of the NPC:

> Brake tester according to RiLi2011 (with ASA livestream interface)
> PC/Laptop with WiFi functionality and installed SP-Plus software
> Stable WiFi network in the workshop (Router)
> SP-Adapter (with USB-Connection cable for configuration)

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    Telefonischer Support

    Inbetriebnahme/Installation: NPC-2014 mit SP-Plus Anbindung

    Servicedienstleistung: Wir unterstützen Sie telefonisch und per Fernwartung bis die Inbetriebnahme erfolgreich abgeschlossen ist!

    Einweisungspauschale inkl. Anfahrt und Montage vor Ort.

    Montage / Installation und Anbindung an das vorhandene SP-Plus-Programm
    - inkl. Einweisung
    - inkl. Anfahrt (Verbundfahrt)

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